How to Set Up and Run a Property Syndicate or Investment Club

This guide is for anyone who wants to set up a self-managed syndicate, who may become involved in one or who just wants to understand how they work.

Different people have different reasons for choosing to become involved in a syndicate-type structure.

  • Spreading risk and accessing larger projects: Some people may want to invest alongside other like-minded people, and thereby spread risk, take advantage of larger investment opportunities and achieve economies of scale. They may not expect to have any business benefit from the arrangement, other than the ability to participate in the underlying property or project.
  • Access to capital: Some people, such as property developers, may want to help others to establish a syndicate, so that the syndicate can in turn, help fund that developer’s projects.
  • Property services: Property agents, asset managers and other professional advisers, may have no direct commercial interest in the underlying project. Instead, their primary motivation is to use their skills to encourage the success of syndicate such that they receive fees for their advice and associated services.

In our view, property investment syndicates should be simple, transparent and intuitive and these elements should be reflected both in the documentation and in the way that syndicates are operated.

The purpose of this guide is to give practical, useful information about how to correctly set up and operate a self- managed syndicate.

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