How to structure property developments involving private investors

The first in a series of blog posts about different ways to structure property developments that involve one or more private investors.

At LCN Property, our lawyers have over twenty years’ experience of advising on corporate and investment structures. We’ve worked with many property developers, and we understand the challenges they face. One of the biggest is accessing development capital.

The obvious sources of funding are banks and other lenders, but these have disadvantages. And as property development businesses grow, they often find that this route doesn’t generate all the capital they need. Bridging that gap often involves bringing in one or more investors, which then raises the question of how to structure everything effectively.

We’ve written a series of blog posts that together give an overview of the main issues, and briefly explain five typical options which are suitable in different situations.

None of it is legal advice. Other structures are available, and each of the five described in the blog posts will need to be tailored to the precise needs of the people involved in each case. We hope, however, that this series will be a useful introduction to the topic for property developers, asset managers, investment advisors, family offices, high net worth individuals, and anyone involved with substantial property developments in England and Wales.

If you would like to discuss anything with us, feel free to get in touch at or +44 20 3432 3269. You can also download a more detailed guide – for free – from our website here.

In the next blog post we’ll look at how to decide which investment structure is right for your development project.

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